Lance Williamson

Lance Williamson has been training top riders since 1976.  His students have won competitions at all levels, from local events to the biggest shows in the country.

Frank Hernandez

Frank Hernandez brings with him a record of producing top ponies and horses.  He is renowned across the country, and has owned Marshall & Sterling Medal winners.  On top of that, Frank was featured in Equestrian Talk, which showcased his talent for training green horses and ponies.


At Lance Williamson Stables, you will not find "off the shelf" lesson packages.  After all, each horse and rider are different, so how can you place them neatly into a preset package?  Instead, Lance and Frank will custom tailor a riding plan that is unique to the rider and centered around his or her goals.  Don't have a horse?  No problem.  We have experienced lesson horses just waiting for you.  Group lessons and private lessons are available.


Lance and Frank are committed to teaching their riders good horsemanship: proper grooming, riding technique, and horse maintenance.  Lance and Frank are doing their part to make sure that horsemanship remains an essential part of riding instruction.  As the great George Morris said:  "It's about the horse; how you care for the horse, how you ride the horse, and how you look after this great animal-the horse."